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In Victorian times visitors came to Barton in Fabis from Attenborough via the Barton Ferry which, as indicated on Chapman’s Map of Nottinghamshire, operated from 1774 up until the early 1960s. The village used to be a quaker village, and was known for its tea houses and (despite the abstinence of quakers), the villagers’ home made cider.

I heard tell of a shire horse stallion being transported across the river from Barton to cover the mares on the Attenborough side of the river when horses were still being used to work the land on farms in the area.

This booklet tells how farmer Harry  Plowright who, up until the early 1970s still used Shire Horses on his farm instead of a tractor. The Plowright family were responsible for breeding the Shire horses for the local Shipstones brewery and won awards at the annual ploughing competitions for ploughing with a pair of horses.

The exact location of the old Barton Ferry?


Chapman’s Map of Nottinghamshire, 1774, showing Barton in Fabis